Are you having the right product or concept, but not the attention from the market yet?

Vextor can be your door opener to new opportunities.

As counselor, sales agent, representative or as a local office.

Europe and Scandinavia are focus areas incl.: 
Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

Our main offerings

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Its all about being there
  • Handling and servicing local customers
  • Localisation of presence – perhaps a local office
  • Your own named person in the territory
  • Local know how on products and customers
  • Local point of contact
  • Daily business administration


Adjusting the strategy?
  • Channel strategy – who and how
  • Pricing strategy – avoiding conflicts
  • Alliances and business partners
  • Profiling and positioning
  • Execution


The art of getting it done...
  • We are experienced business drivers
  • Overview of sales channels and structures
  • Finding new customers or new vertical markets
  • Finding and establishing business partners
  • Presentation and training sessions
  • Get an easy start


Efficient and simple - is a must
  • Establishing and maintaining SoMe presence
  • Helping to adapt positioning to local markets
  • Making case stories as references
  • Bridging marketing into local markets
  • Updating the press with interesting news

Vextor in general:

If you are having a product or concept creating value for both users and business partners, Vextor is having the overview to introduce you to the right business partners in the Nordic countries, focussing on Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. 

As your sales agent, representative or local office, offering knowhow on the local markets, background info and most of all execution.


We are used to delivering overview of channel structures, channel sales, pricing and strategy. 

But we are also used to be the door opener to new opportunities, speaking to persons and companies not normally being contactable.

And we can be the driver finding solutions, through both coaching and personal action, if you don’t have the time yourself.


Since 2002 Vextor have helped companies to link up, and to find mutual opportunities.

Generally we work with companies offering better design and concepts, lower cost, more efficiency and better time to market for the products, no matter if you are selling or buying. 

Vextor was founded by Henrik Hoyer, after having worked on executive levels within IT, Industrial production and supplying the construction industry with commercial products. 

Today we have experience in many other business areas like design, furnitures, art etc. too. 

If you are ready, contact us now, to move further

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Vandtårnsvej 77
DK 2860 Søborg, Denmark
Phone: +45 70 259 888